NuBryte Touchpoint

NuBryte Touchpoint
  • Lighting Control on/off/dimming at the switch, and 5 smart lighting modes:
      • Vacation
      • Wake Up
      • Bedtime Dimmer
      • Night Light
      • Touch-Free
  • Home Security built-in camera, motion detector and light/sound alarms
  • WiFi Home Intercom System (with 2 or more NuBryte Touchpoint consoles)
  • Family Hub with Indoor Temperature and Humidity Readings - Integrated Calendar - Energy Monitoring - Daily Weather and 5-day Forecast - Clock/Timer
  • Remote Control from other NuBryte Touchpoints in the home, and the App.
  • Expand lighting control and security by pairing your NuBryte Touchpoint with the NuBryte app!
        • Receive security alerts with video clips 
        • Customize Lighting using 5 Smart Lighting Modes 
        • Control lights from anywhere in the world with your smartphone.  

                          iOS AppAndroid App

    Please review our Installation Requirements carefully before purchasing. 
    $ 379.00